Patrik Faber

Welcome to my homepage!

That each visitor can get a small overview of who this is and what is behind it, I make a little profile about me, which should answer the most important questions. If you still have questions, you can send them via e-mail

Who is behind this homepage?

Short answers: Patrik. I was born on the 15th of August in Oberstdorf. August 15 is an official holiday at Austria, but it was not created for me. I grew up and went to school in Riezlern (Vlbg). I could never really identify with my birth region. The work took me from western Austria via Kosovo and Afghanistan to Cologne and Vienna. Meanwhile I landed in Sweden where I work as a medical technician. I do not regret all these steps because I have almost found everything I was looking for.

How did you come to this homepage?

From a professional point of view, I worked almost for so-called "bluelight organizations". What I always enjoyed was the blue lights and that's how it came to be, in 2001 I was able to receive the first "bluelight" that laid the foundation of my collection. Since then, new ones have been added all the time, meanwhile there are already over 450* beacons, which I may call my own. Only downside is that my apartment is bursting at the seams although I could set up my desired "blue light fetish room" here in Sweden, of which I have always raved.

Why there is this homepage at all?

My homepage is purely private and without commercial ulterior motives. In the Brockhaus of 1965 it says: "collecting - morbid tendency to accumulate objects without practical need." Therefore, I decided, even if it probably only a small part of the world population interested and one can not even come to Sweden, a kind "online There are already a few lights online, but train by train, I will have set all beacons.

But now finally ....

That's it behind the scenes. Hopefully you can now get a better idea of ​​who's behind this homepage, what moves me and drives this hobby to continue. Thank you for finding the way to me. Feel like home!

If you find your way to Kåbdalis, you are of course invited to a coffee, I'm looking forward to it!

* As of 01.01.2023


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